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Latest version of CanMap 7.1 reveals greater accuracy, coverage and detail

DMTI Spatial, Canada’s expert on mapping data, address management and geospatial solutions is pleased to announce the release of CanMap Streetfiles v7.1, CanMap Parks v1.1, and CanMap Water v1.1. In competitive environment where accuracy, coverage and detail are a must, CanMap Streetfiles v7.1 adds over 35,000 addressed kilometres of roadway and well over 25,000 additional named kilometres of roadway across Canada. With these additions, the total number of kilometres compiled by DMTI Spatial has reached a total of over 1,400,000, illustrating the depth of coverage available in Canada’s most comprehensive street map file.

CanMap Parks, Canada’s first attributed National and Provincial Parks mapping data file now includes 1,538 national, marine, provincial and territorial parks across the country, and is a combination of attributed boundary and point-based features. This nationwide dataset is ideal for consumer navigation and recreational GPS products, travel and tourism Web applications, infrastructure analysis and planning, wildlife and environmental risk studies, and much more. CanMap Water v1.1 continues to be Canada’s only detailed hydrography file complete with naming for major water features. New features in this release are additional named water polygons and additional major double-line rivers split from adjoining lakes. This release also has new point features, such as navigational hazards that display exposed shipwrecks or rocks located in various bodies of water.
Other DMTI Spatial products being released at this time include: CanMap RouteLogistics v7.1, CanMap Major Roads and Highways v7.1, Enhanced Points of Interest (EPOI) v2.1, Six Digit Postal Code Files v7.1, Enhanced Postal Code Files v7.1, Forward Sortation Area (FSA) v7.1, and our latest innovations in GeoPinpoint™ Suite v4.1.