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Lastline announces AI-driven network traffic analysis solution

US: Lastline, the leader in advanced threat protection, has announced Lastline Network Defender, an AI-driven network security product that prevents costly business disruption by stopping advanced threats from entering or operating within a network. Companies can more effectively protect sensitive data and valuable IP from cyber attack with their limited security staff.

Security teams are facing relentless advanced threats that are continually evolving with improved ability to bypass existing detection technologies. At the same time, legacy systems overload understaffed and undertrained security teams with generic, unactionable alerts that result in successful data breaches.

Lastline Network Defender provides superior visibility into advanced threats by using a unique combination of AI — intelligently applied to network traffic — and the results from the best malware analysis technology available today. Informed by the detailed knowledge of malicious behaviors, the product quickly and accurately detects malicious network activity with a minimal number of false positives.

“We offer AI done right,” explained Dr. Christopher Kruegel, Lastline CEO and Co-founder. “Typical artificial intelligence systems detect anomalies, but can’t tell which are benign and which are malicious, leaving it to over-extended security analysts to figure it out. Incorporating our insights into malicious behaviors provides invaluable inputs to our artificial intelligence system. This leads to actual intelligence in the form of high-quality, actionable detections.”

Only Lastline offers innovative network traffic analysis and proven malware behavioral analysis to detect both “North/South” attacks attempting to compromise a network and lateral “East/West” movement within a network. This combination delivers the highest fidelity insights possible into advanced threats, improving security team efficiency and enabling the automated response.

The product produces a dynamic blueprint of an attack as it unfolds across a network, identifying the initial point of infection, lateral movement and every system that’s been compromised, as well as external communication and data movement. This detailed analysis streamlines complete remediation, delivers fewer false positives, which improves productivity, and instills the confidence and ability to automate the response.