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Laser-Scan with its services for pilots

20th September 2002. Laser-Scan has completed web-based flight information service for No.1 Aeronautical Information Documents Unit (No.1 AIDU) of the Royal Air Force.

The NOTAM Display System (NDS) enables aircrew to input routing information, typically taken from a Flight Plan, via an ordinary web browser, and to retrieve and display all NOTAMs (Notice To AirMen) that impact on that flight. The purpose of the NDS is to provide aircrew with an effective method of identifying only those NOTAMs that are relevant to their particular journey, according to a variety of search criteria.

NDS is initially available for RAF usage and, over the coming months, will expand to give worldwide coverage. NDS is based on Laser-Scan’s Gothic Web Mapper technology and this Internet solution will be hosted at Laser-Scan. NDS employs a dynamic concept in data management, with live NOTAM feeds coming from No. 1 AIDU, whilst underlying Aeronautical Information, used for contextual map displays, is updated on a 28 day cycle.