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Laser-Scan upgrades to new ISO certification standard

Laser-Scan has originally achieved ISO certification in 1994. This new registration reflects the company’s commitment to quality, in its dealings with customers as well as with its staff and suppliers.

The ISO9001:2000 standard replaces the ISO9001:1994 standard. The changes within the new standard allow businesses to add value to their activities and to improve their performance continually by focussing on the major processes within the organisation. The revisions also emphasise the need to monitor customer satisfaction, meeting the need for more user-friendly documents, assuring consistency between quality management system requirements and guidelines, and promoting the use of generic quality management principles by organisations.

Laser-Scan has also been working with ISO as part of the technical committee (TC) 211 working on sub-committee ISO19107 for spatial schema, notably the definition of topology within GML3.