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Laser-Scan prepares to demonstrate web interoperability

Following the success of Laser-Scan’s participation in the recent Military Pilot Project of the Open GIS Consortium, Inc. (OGC), the company is taking part in the OGC Web Services (OWS) demonstration on 7th March 2002 in Washington DC.

The OWS project was launched last September. Since then, Laser-Scan’s team of specialists has been working hard to ensure that the Laser-Scan web interface is supported across a variety of different applications and that queries within those applications retrieve the appropriate data from the Laser-Scan database.

All the participants in the project will be working with data centred around New York; hydrology and land data as well as live sensor feeds (from a number of different locations around NYC) which will yield information about temperature, particulates etc.

One of the most obvious applications of this interoperability is disaster management, which relies on the integration and conflation of a variety of data sources.

The OWS Initiative offers an opportunity for Laser-Scan to consolidate what has been learned and produced in previous OGC Interoperability Initiatives, and to expand and make coherent the overarching model of heterogeneous geoprocessing services and clients interoperating in a distributed setting.

The goal of the OWS Initiative is to complete a comprehensive and coherent geoprocessing standards framework that will track general progress in web-based distributed computing, allowing future geoprocessing applications to be assembled from multiple network-delivered geoprocessing and location services.