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Laser-Scan Partner Conference reaches new heights

Representatives from market-leading organisations from across the world listened to a wide range of presentations made at the Laser-Scan’s 2nd Partner Conference at UK based around interoperability and data quality messages.

The theme of this year’s conference was ‘Spatial Data Quality Management’. The programme included presentations from Laser-Scan’s partners discussing new joint solutions and advances within the industry. With partner organisations around the world, the Partner Conference was an opportunity for Laser-Scan to highlight customer success stories through partners, explain new product developments, show its commitment to partners and discuss key drivers and partner initiatives for the geospatial market.

The conference opened with Andy Bray, Customer Migration Programme Manager at the Ordnance Survey (OS) Great Britain who discussed the OS MasterMap Migration Programme and the role that Laser-Scan and its partners are playing in this process. The conference proceedings also included very high calibre presentations from EXOR, STAR Informatic, MapInfo, GDC and Intergraph.