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Laser-Scan Management Buy Out succeeds

Laser-Scan’s Management Team announced that its bid to take over Laser-Scan has been successful. Laser-Scan has been developing geospatial solutions for more than three decades. During this time the company has provided solutions for a loyal customer base in defence, mapping and charting; Laser-Scan has worked closely with organisations such as Ordnance Survey Great Britain, RAF (No 1AIDU) and United Kingdom Hydrographic Office. Laser-Scan has shifted the company’s focus from developing proprietary solutions to embracing mainstream technology such as Oracle. The components of Laser-Scan’s existing technology are being made available in an open, interoperable, server-side environment. Radius Topology is the first product in the programme and was launched in June 2002. Laser-Scan is fully committed to working together with customers to enhance their existing solutions with its traditional technology.