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Laser-Scan makes presentation at prestigious ICA event

Laser-Scan made a presentation at this year’s Research Workshop hosted at the University of Leicester, UK and jointly organized by the International Cartographic Association Commission on Generalization and Multiple Representation and Euro SDR. During the course of the proceedings Laser-Scan made a presentation as part of Session 2: GIS vendors’ proposals, hosted by Colin Bray from Ordnance Survey Ireland.

Dr. Dieter Neuffer, Laser-Scan’s Senior Software Engineer presented the ‘Integration of Agent-based generalization with mainstream technologies and other system components’. Additionally, Dr Paul Watson, Laser-Scan’s Chief Scientist co-presented ‘Interoperability of Agent-based generalization with open, geospatial clients’ with Vince Smith from Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions. Both papers are available from the Laser-Scan web site:

The main themes of the conference included interoperability and conflation of generalized data, methodologies for contextual generalization, dynamic and on demand generalization and updating, generalization and multiple representations. Other speakers, such as Patrick Revell from Ordnance Survey Great Britain and Cécile Duchêne and Jenny Trévisan from the COGIT laboratory at IGN France spoke about Laser-Scan’s Clarity solution and joint work on the AGENT project.