Home Innovations GIS Laser-Scan has released a new version of its Gothic product family.

Laser-Scan has released a new version of its Gothic product family.

Gothic 4.1 updates all the Laser-Scan products, including the latest Java-based additions, Gothic JADE and Gothic Web Mapper. As part of Laser-Scan’s continued customer responsiveness programme, Several changes has been done. The first change is to introduce phasing. The Gothic Developer family of products (LAMPS2 etc.) has been released as the first phase; the next phase will encompass the Integrator and Java families. The second change is that Laser-Scan is releasing Gothic 4.1 to customers on request (email: [email protected]). This allows both Laser-Scan and its customers more flexibility in upgrading flowlines. The Gothic family is based around an object-oriented spatial database and toolkit. Gothic is trusted by National Mapping Agencies and large commercial mapping and geodata suppliers worldwide to safely handle their valuable corporate spatial data through update, production and exploitation flowlines. The Gothic database is versioned, handling explicitly the way that the world changes through time. It handles vast continuous datasets, with no sheet or tile boundaries. It is an object database, storing a model of the real world in a rich schema which can handle the references and family relationships (a canal is both a transportation medium and a water feature). It dynamically builds and maintains topology (the knowledge of connectivity, adjacency and sharing). The objects have behaviours that are automatically activated to ensure data integrity, and which add intelligence to the map features.