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Laser-Scan enthuses delegates at user & partner conference

Laser-Scan’s 14th Laser-Scan User & Partner Conference (17-18 July) has been a success, for customers and partners as well as for the company. High profile speakers shared their views on the GIS industry, the wider IT industry and the future directions of technology. Customers demonstrated how Laser-Scan technology is helping them to achieve their business aims; partners showed how they are using the same technology to help their own customers. In line with Laser-Scan’s strategy of delivering market-focussed solutions and new technology the company unveiled its latest product, Clarity. Delegates were among the first to sample the advanced functionality of the new automated generalisation product as part of a special session dedicated to generalisation.
Managing Director of Laser-Scan Dr Michael Sanderson commented: This was a phenomenal event – a great opportunity for customers and partners to see how they could take advantage of the latest strategies.