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Laser-Scan changes name to 1Spatial

4 December 2006, Cambridge, UK – Laser-Scan has announced that it is renaming the company as 1Spatial to reflect its ongoing evolution in the spatial data marketplace.

Laser-Scan has been in existence since 1969. Originally building laser plotters, the company moved on to the scanning of paper maps to create digital databases. The company has transformed over time, and is now in spatial database management with a specific focus on spatial data quality control. Laser scanning has also evolved into something quite different as well. The name change to 1Spatial reflects these fundamental changes.

– About 1Spatial
1Spatial, formerly known as Laser-Scan, has 35 years of experience in providing operational solutions to organisations with large spatial databases. It specialises in enabling spatial data to be part of cooperative infrastructures. For more info visit: www.1spatial.com