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Laser-Scan and Star Informatic announces extension of partnership

Laser-Scan and Star Informatic have announced that their partnership has now been extended to cover the visualisation of AdV Model generalised data (AdV = Working Committee of the Surveying Authorities of the States of the Federal Republic of Germany). The proof of concept was shown at the ICC Conference (held 9th –16th July 2005 in La Coruña, Spain), where it generated significant interest. This collaboration builds on the successful implementation of this solution at Institut Géographique National, France for their current cartographic flowlines. The demonstration featured datasets from Landesvermessungsamt Baden-Württemberg. This institute currently uses both Laser-Scan generalisation tools and Star Informatic’s cartographic publishing solution Mercator.

Taking the EDBS output format after generalisation, the data is structured via object types (Objektart). Whenever an object type needs to be displayed in the 1:50,000 map series, one or multiple symbol codes (Signaturennummer) are given. In the case of multiple symbol codes, the sub-classification is determined by specific attribute values (Attributwerte). Mercator provides all tools required to use these specifications and to interpret, per map sheet, the data in an automated way. Afterwards, the data is symbolized (also automatically) into a map. In this process the system fully takes into account the ATKIS SK50 specifications of AdV. In addition, in Mercator you may also define the incorporation of grid info, legends, hillshading or other graphics. Finally the resulting cartographic document can be published as PDF v1.4 (vector or raster!), TIFF-CMYK, TIFF RGB or screened or unscreened TIFF separations.