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Laser-Scan and Fujitsu to provide online mapping services to Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland

Laser-Scan and Fujitsu have signed an agreement to provide Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland (OSNI) with an on-line solution to deliver mapping services via the internet to both government and public users. This project, known as CAMEO (Customer Access to Maps Electronically On-Line), will assist OSNI in meeting its 2005 e-government targets while addressing existing and potential customer requirements. Laser-Scan delivers innovative business solutions for geographic information. Fujitsu is an IT services company in Europe. Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland (OSNI), an Executive agency within the Department of Culture Arts and Leisure, is the official Government organisation responsible for supplying mapping and geographic information services for Northern Ireland.

CAMEO will provide users with functions to source and buy OSNI maps and data online and will provide a simple, intuitive customer focused view of GI data, information and resources and services. The e-commerce website will enable customer-focused content, online electronic catalogues, map ordering, dynamic user specified map creation, online payments, simple map navigation and downloading of custom/tailored maps to the desktop. The joint Laser-Scan/Fujitsu solution will allow OSNI to preserve its existing investment in data, systems and applications, through open industry standards and provision of migration tools and programs. The solution will also comply with e-GIF standards.