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Laser-Scan and eSpatial sign technology alliance

Laser-Scan and eSpatial have announced the signing of a technology alliance. Laser-Scan delivers business solutions for geographic information. eSpatial, founded in Dublin, Ireland, works on spatial information management technology. The official announcement was made at Laser-Scan’s 16th Annual User and Partner Conference. Together with a joint customer in the UK, this alliance provides a framework for Laser-Scan & eSpatial to work in partnership to support the enterprise wide deployment of Data Capture and Cleaning tools built using iSMART and Radius Topology. In partnership, it is now possible to unlock the power of Oracle Spatial through eSpatial’s iSMART middle-tier deployment environment, underpinned by Laser-Scan’s Database level data cleaning platform.

In conjunction with mutual partners, both companies will support the delivery of end solutions that deliver Large Scale Data Capture and Cleaning activities using an enterprise wide system that are easily deployed to a large number of users. As part of this agreement eSpatial will also resell Laser-Scan’s Radius Topology alongside the iSMART GeoSpatial Suite.

eSpatial’s iSMART supports a number a number of deployment models which includes Pure Web & Customised Client within a scalable, role-based & secure environment. The architectural features delivered with iSMART address standard IT requirements for the deployment of enterprise business applications. Radius Topology further complements these deployment options by sitting on the server side alongside Oracle, providing high quality topologically correct web editing at the database level. Based on the customer’s business rules, Radius Topology will automatically deliver intelligent data snapping, geometric checking and maintenance of connectivity while editing is taking place.