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Larimer county gets newer asset management software

Larimer County and Exor Corporation of USA, provider of infrastructure asset management software, announced the County’s successful migration to version 3.1.3 of Highways by Exor software and the expansion of the system to include traffic data.

Version 3.1.3 of the Exor product suite is a milestone in asset management software for the transportation and local government sectors. The migration will allow Larimer County to manage road and associated asset conditions; integrate assets, road network data, traffic counts and accident data into one software application for maintenance and analytical purposes. A key feature of the migration is Larimer County’s ability to use the power of Oracle Spatial for integrating spatial and tabular data.

Any combination of records in this database can be mapped, queried, or reported on. Larimer County’s system includes Exor’s Network Manager, Asset Manager, Accidents Manager, Traffic Interface Manager, Spatial Data Manager, Information Manager and MapCapture.

The new system makes it easier for the Larimer County Road and Bridge Department to maintain an accurate inventory of county infrastructure assets and to make better-informed maintenance investment decisions.