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Largest electric utility in Central Europe to implement Enterprise GIS software

Redlands, California, USA, 13 December 2006 – ESRI has announced that it has been selected to provide an Enterprise GIS to ÈEZData, s.r.o. of the Czech Republic, part of the ÈEZ Group, the largest electric utility provider in central Europe.

The enterprise site license will enable ÈEZData to deploy the full suite of ESRI’s ArcGIS products in an open, scalable, and standards-based GIS architecture throughout the entire ÈEZ Group operation. The GIS will integrate with and leverage existing ÈEZ information technology (IT) resources to meet a broad range of business and engineering needs now and in the future.

As the largest electric utility in central Europe, the ÈEZ Group serves approximately seven million customers in the Czech Republic, Romania, and Bulgaria. ESRI’s official Czech Republic distributor, ARCDATA Praha, will support the software deployment.

The multiyear, phased implementation is already underway and will ultimately result in the delivery of a single GIS platform for all of ÈEZ Group’s electric utility operations. The enterprise GIS will be integrated with other core ÈEZ technologies and applications including those provided by ESRI partners Miner & Miner, SAP, Soluziona, and HSI. Among the applications that will interface with the GIS are the customer information, engineering analysis, and electric outage management systems.

This deployment represents the latest in a series of large-scale implementations by ESRI at some of the world’s largest energy businesses including Reliance Energy (India), Southern Company (USA), DTE Energy (USA), Consumers Energy (USA), PHI Holdings (USA), National Grid (UK), NESA (recently acquired by Dong Energy) (Denmark), Shanghai Electric Power Company (China), RWE Group (Germany), and Osaka Gas (Japan).

– About ÈEZData
ÈEZData, s.r.o., was established in 2004 by ÈEZ, a.s., as a subsidiary of the ÈEZ Group, one of the largest corporations in the Czech Republic. ÈEZData provides information systems and technology services for the ÈEZ Group as well as other companies in need of superior quality IS/IT services, both within the Czech Republic and abroad. For additional information visit the ÈEZ Group Web site at www.cez.cz.