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Lapan pushes for RS based marine monitoring in Indonesia

Indonesia, November 04, 2014: The Institute of National Aviation and Space (Lapan) has pushed for the need to use remote sensing and space-tech to systematically map of the country’s marine potentials.

“In order to back development of the maritime sector a technology is needed that could monitor the entire sea territory systematically,” Chief spokesman of Lapan Jasyanto recently told media.

Jasyanto said remote sensing technology using satellite service could be used to effectively spot ridges of rock and in planning development of the marine potentials for economy and tourism. He added that the physical and biological aspects of the sea such as surface temperature and chlorophyll content, are important to locate the potential fishing ground in the sea through the Indonesian fish catching potential zone (ZPPI), could be better monitored using the remote sensing technology.

He made the statement as a precursor to the upcoming international conference titled “Pan Ocean Remote Sensing Conference” (PORSEC) which will see earth observation and remote sensing experts discuss how remote sensing technology can aid the current and upcoming project.

PORSEC is an organisation dedicated to helping developing countries to promote science especially in the application of remote sensing technology in the sea. The conference is organised by Lapan in cooperation with the state Udayana University, and will be held in Denpasar from November 4–7.

The conference, which is held every two years, will be attended by 400 participants from Indonesia and other countries.

Source: Antara News