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Laos to produce its largest digital topographic map

Laos: Laos is planning to produce the biggest ever digital topographical map with $3.5 million of support from the Republic of Korea (ROK). The map will cover some 4,600 hectares of the nation's capital Vientiane, encompassing the city's four inner districts. Funding for the project will be provided by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA). The three-year project aims to provide geographic data that could be used for the construction of new towns in the capital while strengthening the capacity of the Lao Survey and Mapping Center to conduct large scale mapping initiatives.

KOICA and the Lao Ministry of Home Affairs will collaborate to complete the ‘Digital Topographic Mapping and Capacity Building’ project. KOICA will provide training for the production of large- scale digital topographic maps as well as equipment and software necessary to complete the project. During the execution of the project a national guideline on the production, management and utilization of digital maps will be developed and drafted. KOICA will assist Laos in developing laws and regulations for the production and management of digital maps as well as capacity building on an administrative level.

Source: Globaltimes