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LandWorks Enhances Web Mapping Service

US: Landworks has enhanced its Web AutoMapper online service, which converts land legal descriptions into GIS-ready map polygons.

This enhancement will enable property polygons to be shown on the backdrop of the WhiteStar Grid, giving clients an option to buy grid townships encompassing the mapped property.

Jerry Bramwell, President of Landworks said, " LandWorks selected the WhiteStar Grid for inclusion in Web AutoMapper because it is the best basemap available for any industry or profession to use in mapping property legal descriptions." One of the key benefits of the WhiteStar Grid are that its data layers are continuously updated as more survey data gets available.

The WhiteStar Grid is a seamless digital mosaic of data layers, which was initially hand-digitized from 1:24,000-scale USGS topographic maps. Being an industry standard land grid for North America, its layers can be switched on and off, and it includes basic survey information such as section, township, range, meridian, and geographic (latitude/longitude) coordinates, as well as the dates when attributes were last updated.

Source: Yahoo