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LandVoyage launches FetchConnect WMS technology

Colorado, USA, 25 April 2006: LandVoyage, a provider of Internet mapping solutions, has announced the release of the new FetchConnect WMS technology. FetchConnect WMS will allow all of the LandVoyage maps and imagery to be accessed by any WMS compatible software from providers such as ESRI, AutoCAD and more.

FetchConnect WMS technology conforms with the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Web Map Service (WMS) standards. This allows users to connect to the LandVoyage data library through any WMS compatible software using a simple username and password. User can then bring geo-referenced maps and imagery from LandVoyage directly into existing mapping projects.

FetchConnect WMS works with ESRI ArcView (3.x, 8.x and 9), MapInfo Professional, AutoCAD (Map and Map 3D), Intergraph GeoMedia and any other WMS enabled software. These applications typically require no extra downloads to use with FetchConnect WMS. Software extensions may be needed to enable some applications to become WMS compatible.

All of the maps and imagery in the LandVoyage mapping archive is available for use with the FetchConnect WMS service. LandVoyage currently offers the largest variety of maps and imagery online including high resolution aerial photos, USGS topo maps, FAA aeronautical charts, BLM public land maps, land use/land cover satellite imagery and more. FetchConnect WMS allows all of this mapping content to be accessed by other GIS software.