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LandPrint.com Enlists Z Corporation to Transform Satellite Imagery into 3D Physical Landscapes

BURLINGTON, Mass., April 1, 2008 /PRNewswire/ — Explorers, adventurers, vacationers, and others will now be able to hold in their hands the landscapes that captivate them thanks to a new company, LandPrint.com, which is offering 3D physical models of any landscape on the planet. Consumers visit , select their favorite place — e.g., a mountain, canyon, forest, river, volcano, waterfall or glacier — and submit their order. These models are “3D-printed” in full color by Z Corporation of Burlington, Mass., USA, and shipped directly to the customer’s door.

LandPrint.com gets its digital terrain data from NASA and the US Geological Survey, and will soon incorporate street, building and other data from additional third parties, making the site a powerful tool for professionals like architects, contractors and civil engineers.

“We help consumers capture the landscape they yearn to remember and professionals visualize the terrain that looks so nondescript in their blueprints,” said Tom Gaskins, CEO of LandPrint.com, based in Redmond, Wash. “Together with Z Corporation, we are taking raw geospatial data and turning it into something they can savor and understand at a much deeper level. Z Corporation 3D printers offer a superior blend of speed, color, resolution, and affordability, so they were the obvious — rather, the only — choice for us.”

This is one of the first forays into printing services for Z Corporation, maker of the world’s fastest 3D printers and the only ones that print in multiple colors. 3D printing creates physical objects from 3D data much as traditional office printers create documents from 2D document files. Z Corporation’s 3D printers ZPrint landscape models using an ink jet system to bind together ultrathin layers of composite powder.
“LandPrint.com is a premier example of a new breed of business that is driving 3D printing more deeply into the mainstream, not only in traditional engineering circles but in consumer products, architecture, civil engineering, medicine, the arts, entertainment and beyond,” said Scott Harmon, Z Corporation vice president of business development. “We are eager to support the evolution of these exciting applications and look forward to LandPrint.com’s success.”

LandPrints are available in a range of sizes and start at $23.95 USD.