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LandNet gets patent for Online Real Estate Archiving, seeks investors for Internet Mapping Site

Colorado, USA, 30 March 2007: LandNet Corporation, a provider of Internet mapping solutions, has been issued a patent for an online Property Archive tool. In 2006, LandNet received its first patent for a suite of online mapping and searching functions.

These tools enabled LandVoyage to be one of the online mapping sites in the highly competitive market that includes Google Earth, Microsoft Virtual Earth, and DigitalGlobe’s GlobeXplorer.

With the second patent recently issued, and five more pending, LandNet Corporation is currently exploring the opportunity to sell the Internet mapping platform along with its portfolio of intellectual properties. The company is also interested in joint venture opportunities such as a strategic merger or technology/patent licensing.

“Real Estate has clearly emerged as the primary commercial application in the red hot online mapping market,” said LandNet CEO, Craig Harrison. “The recent merger of Stewart Title’s GlobeXplorer site with DigitalGlobe underscores the value of property mapping in the market for online geospatial data. And the Pitney Bowes acquisition last week of MapInfo highlights the value of digital mapping in the business world.”

The Property Archive System was developed as an extension to the www.LandVoyage.com mapping solution. It has been said that it has served over 50 million maps over the past six years. Property Archive simplifies real estate transactions and management by archiving critical data relating to individual pieces of property.