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Landgate launches tool for personalised mapping

Australia: Landgate, a statuary authority responsible for Western Australia’s property and land information, released an online mapping tool that lets customers easily create their own personalised map. The service known as ‘Create A Map’ allows customers to overlay information such as property boundaries, infrastructure, contours and natural features, over current or historical aerial photography.

Landgate’s Geospatial Products and Services Manager, Allen Halsey, said ‘Create A Map’ is helping to meet the increasing demand for ‘Do-It-Yourself’ services. “In the past, customers would have to ask one of our experts to customise a map for them so they’d be paying a service fee on top of the map cost. ‘Create A Map’ is a cheaper and easier option that customers can use from the comfort of their own workplace or home,” Halsey added.

An archive of aerial photography dating back more than 60 years is available for use as a base for the maps. Manager of Primary Capture, Chris Hartley, said the spatial accuracy of the recent aerial photography Landgate provides online is extremely precise. Landgate captures the metro areas annually with an accuracy of 15 centimetres. Rural photography is captured every five years and is accurate within two metres.

Source: Landgate