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Land-Use Survey for 2002 over for Dubai Municipality

Dubai Municipality Statistics Centre in the Administrative Affairs Department has completed the Land-Use Survey for 2002. The survey, which ended on November 15, is the result of a year of work in a wide range of areas. Preparations for the survey started in October 2001, and included designing the necessary forms, and preparing manuals for the surveyors.

Intensive training programmes were held for the surveyors from January 12-17. The details of the survey will be released in book form in three months.The survey, conducted in coordination with the Planning and Survey Department, will be used to prepare a comprehensive database of the use of land in different communities in Dubai, said Arif Obeid Rashid, Director of Statistics Centre.

“The data will be used for current and future planning of the city’s development,” he said. “Future estimations about the nature of the social and economic activities, as well as the population projections of the emirate, will solely depend on the accuracy of the data. Besides, the data will also form the base of a comprehensive database, which can be constantly updated, integrated with the Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and the Planning Information Systems (PIS).” Rashid said the survey will help update the information collected in a similar survey in 1995 covering all communities in the emirate. “It will also help prepare drawings for current land-use and incorporate all the social and economic changes that would primarily help plan the comprehensive development of the city,” said Rashid. “The survey will also help prepare a map of land-use detailing all the existing types of use for every community and the total area. “Features of the existing buildings, such as the type of building, number of stories, building materials used in the construction, date of construction, status of the construction, total number of housing units, establishments, etc., also form part of the information collected in the survey.” The survey identifies open lands according to its features and areas, parking lots, public parks, and open squares.

The database created from the survey will be made available to all departments and authorities inside and outside the municipality.