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Land use database for Darfur, Sudan

Munich, Germany: Darfur Land Commission (DLC) in Sudan awarded a contract to GAF, to set up a Natural Resources and Land Use Database and Map for Darfur. The overall objective of this project is the establishment of a multi-layered and dynamic state-of-the-art natural resources information system that provides basic land management and planning information and thereby will enable decision makers to develop and manage Darfur’s natural resources in a sustainable way.

The DLC was established on 13th July 2007, as an integral part of the Transitional Darfur Regional Authority (TDRA), in order to address traditional and historical issues of land tenure and to review natural resources management. The Natural Resources and Land Use Database and Map for Darfur Project aims to increase the government’s long-term institutional and technical capacity to manage Darfur’s natural resources, including agricultural land, natural areas, forests, minerals, water, cities, towns and villages. This will establish a basis for poverty reduction and also rural economic renewal in selected areas of the country, via the development of non-farm and farm income, thereby improving the social and economic welfare of the community and promoting a better environment.

This database will help decision makers and planners to establish plans for agricultural development and other land livelihood initiatives and to select the potentially most productive areas for investment and development projects. With a comprehensive capacity building component, the project will also enable the key rural and urban development and planning institutions to perform their tasks efficiently.

Dr. Peter Volk, CEO of GAF, said, “This multi-thematic project comprises geology and minerals, geomorphology, soils and land suitability, water resources, ecological and biological information, land cover, land use and socioeconomic conditions. The provision of such a broad range of expertise is one of the outstanding strengths of GAF.”

Eng. Adam Abdel Rahman Ahmed, Commission President, stated, “Such project will no doubt be seen as revolutionary throughout the whole Sudan as a unique example which could be replicated in other parts of the country. To conclude, when the project has reached a successful end, DLC expects to play a great role in maintaining sustainable development and peace in the region, thus leading to the solving of major problems with regards to natural resources and land use.”

Source: GAF