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Land use data available online in New-Zealand

New Zealand: New Zealanders will now be able to download the latest land use data following the completion of a major mapping exercise by the Ministry for the Environment (MoE). The integrated Land Use Map (LUM), which provides an in-depth snapshot of land use in New Zealand from 1990-2008, has been produced as part of the Land Use and Carbon Analysis System (LUCAS).

LUM was derived from satellite imagery provided to government agencies as a result of an all-of-government licence negotiated by the MoE.The land use map data has been issued with a Creative Commons Attribution licence that requires users to acknowledge the Crown as the original source of the data, with no restrictions on its use, re-use and right to share.

Steve Botica, manager of the Ministry’s LUCAS programme, said the data will encourage the free exchange of environmental information, allowing more people access, use and benefit from the information purchased by government.

“Improving access to the government’s spatial information is a goal of the New Zealand Geospatial Strategy. This approach also supports the NZ Government Open Access and Licensing (NZGOAL) framework. LUM was specifically developed to meet our Kyoto Protocol reporting requirements and, therefore, is different from the previously produced Land Cover Databases 1 and 2. I would encourage people to review the contextual material provided with the maps to ensure they gain a good understanding of the scope for LUM,” he said.
The data is available now for electronic download from www.koordinates.com, a geospatial data distribution site.

Source: Scoop