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Land survey institute at Anna varsity

A Centre for Survey Training and Research (C – STAR), an institute to train technical staff in the Department of Land Survey to survey land by using modern technology, was inaugurated at Anna University, Chennai, India.

Under this technology, the land could be surveyed through GPS connected with satellites which could measure the longitude and latitude exactly. Another tool called Total Station would be fixed at the boundary of the village which could measure the area by assessing the speed of the light.

Computerising the documents of the land survey with map was initially given to a private concern. Since the cost incurred was huge, the National Information Institute created a software – COLLABLAND – to computerise the map. It reduced 90 per cent of the cost. By using these modern tools, the government conducted a survey in districts like Kancheepuram, Chengalpattu and Konadhi. The survey had been completed and the maps prepared in the computer.

Panneerselvam, Minister for Revenue and Public Works, who inaugurated the programme, said that when the measurement was compared with the traditional way of measuring the percentage of errors was merely 0.23 per cent. He also said the State government wanted to do the survey all over the State through this system and now it had started in Chennai in the densely populated areas like Alandhur, Adayar, Ayanavaram, Thirumangalam, Vengadapuram, Puliyur and Mambalam. Nilgiris was being surveyed under this system.

About 30 staff members would be trained in 20 days and the training for next batch would be started subsequently.