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Land resources information system project in Indian state

Karnataka State Remote Sensing Applications Center (KSRSAC) in the Indian state Karnataka has taken a project on the development of Land Resources Information System (LRIS) for Mysore district in India as a pilot study. This pilot study is being carried out using high resolution remote sensing satellite data. Of the funding, 70 per cent is borne by the Department of Information Technology of the Government of India and the remaining 30 per cent by the Government of Karnataka. The objective of the LRIS project is to prepare a parcel-level (limited by satellite spatial resolution) updated comprehensive LIS in support of a broad range of development and managerial requirements on 1:4000 scale.

The spatial information developed under the project will not only include the largescale spatial database (showing parcel divisions as limited to satellite spatial resolution), but also a detailed inventory of natural resources such as land use, soil, surface water resources, ground water potential etc. Such a developed multi-layered information system will contain comprehensive, latest status of land and water resources in a spatial framework.