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Land Reform Committee to commence work in Nigeria

Nigeria: Federal Government Land Reform Committee in Nigeria will commence its operation in some states. Austin Njepuome, Surveyor-General of the Federation (SGF), said that the fund sanctioned in 2010’s budget has quickened the move on government’s plan on land reform.

Further, Njepuome added, “The major challenge is the fund in introducing new technologies. We expect some private partnership in fast-tracking the informational activities in Nigeria. Another major problem is training. Most of the professionals in Nigeria were trained in analogue processes.”

“Apart from map one cannot see another product of surveying and mapping. But surveyors are the first professionals that go into infrastructural development so the low perception of people to the product of surveying and mapping is one other major problem. Government is planning land reform which is going to be a costly exercise. But we should look at the long term benefits and with the limited resources available to us, we want to take off and at least show that it is possible to do,” continued Njepuome.

The Chairman Surveyors Council of Nigeria (SURCON), Clement Nwabichie said one of the greatest achievements of the present administration of Umaru Musa Yar’Adua and Goodluck Jonathan is the inclusion of the land reform in the Seven-Point Agenda of government.

Nwabichie, said the main achievement lies in the elevation to national policy and priority of the fact that Nigeria needs to reform land in to convert about 97 percent of untitled land holdings. He added that Nigeria will rake in trillions of Naira if these dormant “zombie-like” land holdings are surveyed and inventorised into a cadastre.

Source: The Nation