Land Dept of Brunei Organizes Three-Day Course

Land Dept of Brunei Organizes Three-Day Course


Bandar Seri Begawan – A three-day induction course for staff from the Land Department of Brunei Darussalam, particularly land surveyors, assistant land valuators and planners, was officiated by Pg Abd Wahab bin Pg Hassan, Acting Land Commissioner. The event took place at the Training and Working Skill Test Centre, Ministry of Development.

The course, which began yesterday, is an induction programme that aims to improve the staff’s skills, provide motivation and expose newly-appointed staff members to the fields of surveying, valuing, mapping and land management.

The course also aims to help every staff member and officer under His Majesty’s government to fulfil their yearly requirements of spending 100 hours in training.

The course coordinators are not only from the Land Department, but also officers from various departments related to land management.