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Land administration project launched for Nasarawa

Nasarawa, Nigeria: A contract worth USD 10 million has been awarded to a consortium of consultants to reform land administration and management in the Nigerian state of Nasarawa. The project, Nasarawa Geographic Information System (NAGIS), will modernise the land administration system in the state.

Nasarawa State governor, Umaru Tanko Al-Makura said NAGIS will computerise all of the state’s land in use beginning with Karu, Keffi and Lafia regions. “The ongoing project will create wealth and prosperity to our people and sanitise development patterns and make for layouts that reflect the system of development in Abuja”, Al-Makura added.

NAGIS is a 24-month project of urbanisation which has three components: digital area mapping (DAM), Nasarawa GIS and the planning of cadastral districts in what will give a detailed planning and development control of three major cities of Karu, Keffi and Lafia. The project is handled by a consortium of firms led by Siraj Consultancy Engineering at the cost of N 2.7 billion (around USD 10,625,000).

The project, which seeks to regularise and put all of Nasarawa’s land use on the computer, is a habitat initiative which ongoing implementation will sum up to the creation of a liveable city with good network of roads, water supply, drainage system, grazing routes and general development control.

In May, Aeropresica Limited, partners in the Siraj contract, commenced flying with light aircrafts cameras to capture the images, taking getting photos of every property on ground in the three first urban centres of Karu, Keffi and Lafia, and processing the images for the computerization of the state land data base.

Source: Osun Defender