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Lakeview Technology and ESRI help companies access and use geographic information more productively

Lakeview Technology has announced its relationship with ESRI. ESRI’s GIS software links mapping and location data with other information to solve critical business needs such as locating in-ground infrastructures, managing natural resources, and fulfilling other location-specific requirements.

Geographic data is typically very large and is usually accessed more frequently than it is updated. These two characteristics mean it is generally more efficient to store copies of geographic data close to the people who use it, even when that necessitates duplicating it in a number of locations. Doing so significantly reduces access times and bandwidth requirements. Companies may also need to copy all or portions of their data on multiple systems, possibly including Web-based servers, for security or other reasons.

Lakeview’s OmniReplicator fills these needs by automatically and seamlessly replicating data from where it is to where it needs to be, regardless of differences in source and target platforms and database structures. OmniReplicator simplifies data distribution through an intuitive graphical user interface. Administrators can point and click to select data sources and targets without the need to modify any application code.

John Baleja, ArcSDE product manager, ESRI, added, “Lakeview’s replication software is an important piece in the technology stack for large enterprise sites. OmniReplicator enables relational databases to be synchronized between a central corporate database and field offices, or vice versa. OmniReplicator offers ESRI users the ability to replicate data stored using the compressed binary format with an Oracle database management system. In addition, OmniReplicator offers a common replication solution across the major relational databases, which is a good complement to ESRI’s ArcSDE product.”