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Lagos set to launch digital mapping project

Lagos, Nigeria: Consultants working on the N3. 1 billion Lagos Enterprise Digital Mapping and GIS, project popularly referred to as G. I. S, have said the project would soon be launched. At present, the project is in the final stages of testing.

Earlier, the Lagos State government had confirmed nearly 75 per cent completion of the project.

The Commissioner for Science and Technology, Kadri Obafemi Hamzat, said that the use of GIS would revolutionise the process of data acquisition, processing, storage dissemination and use of the GIS in digital format for plotting and choice-making. “The Lagos State government commenced the comprehensive digital survey and mapping of the whole state which will result in the establishment of enterprise GIS, and help in various developmental activities in both the rural areas and other major towns in the state,” he said.
Primarily, the purpose of the project is to produce orthophotos, digital maps and GIS database for the whole state for the implementation of various development programmes in the rural areas as well as in the capital and other major towns. It is also expected to help in solving all mismanagement cases related to land in the state.

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