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Lagos land information system to go online soon

Nigeria: The Lagos State Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and digital mapping would go online before the end of 2012 to speed up land documentation. The present land documentation system is slow due to physical submission and retrieval of land information for processing land titles, particularly Certificate of Occupancy (CofO). The base station is ready and would become operational once some issues are resolved.

The Surveyor General of Lagos State, Joseph Olorunjuwon Ajenla, said his mission was to integrate data from the land registry, land information systems and GIS to have a robust land registry. “At the punch of a bottom we will have the characteristics of all land in Lagos State.”

He said very soon, the GIS system would be operational, explaining that the takeoff was delayed by some logistics “beyond anybody”s control. It has been uploaded and everything is set. It is just some gray areas that are being fashioned out now.”

The Control Centre, he said ought to be in the office of the Surveyor General with backup from the ICT Centre. “This will be the control area from which everybody will access it from outside through the web. We have the officers on ground to manage all resources the public will need. Once you pay by using the card system, you will have access to the web page.”

Source: All Africa