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Lack of location awareness is ‘Analytical Blind Spot’

Germany: Lack of location awareness is an analytical blind spot for the majority of organisations. 80 percent of all data has a location component, yet is not being capitalised by organisations and IT systems today, said Pitney Bowes Business Insight (PBBI).

Traditional Business Intelligence has looked at the who, what and why around data, but has ignored the where. Location is a core analytical dimension. Within this data lies a vast pool of intelligence that largely remains untapped for organisations. This rich data source is particularly important for UK Public Sector organisations in enabling a single view of the citizen, delivering citizen self-services, improving compliance, and optimising cost efficiencies.

Mark Bishop, Product Marketing Manager EMEA, PBBI, said, “Location is ubiquitous. Location influences most, if not all, business behaviour and outcomes, making its applicability almost universal. Yet many organisations have not thought about the geographic and location aspects of their business data across processes or decision making.”

According to Ventana Research, 61 per cent of organisations found that using location data helps to improve customer services, yet only 28 per cent of organisations are truly innovative in their business when it comes to the context of location.

PBBI is addressing this critical requirement through its Location Aware CRM solutions, comprising Location Intelligence, Data Management and Customer Communications Management. They enable customers to harness the power of the ‘where’ dimension in their operational, business and strategic decisions. Location Aware CRM solutions enable organisations to analyse vast amounts of multi-dimensional data for greater business insight and better decision making. PBBI believes that Location Aware CRM is set to break into mainstream business computing over the next two to five years.

Source: PBBI