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Label-EZ helps Sarasota County meet E-911 mapping demands

The Geomatics division of Sarasota County was able to generate its map book atlas using MapText, Inc.’s Label-EZ™ and Label-Edit™ software in record time, helping to keep the E-911 map roll-out for the county on schedule. Using the automated text placement capabilities of Label-EZ, 640 maps were created, passed through quality control, and sent to the printer in less than 6 weeks of total time. The project involved creating / editing over 20 layers of information and ensuring that every street was labeled with its name and the address ranges – millions of text elements.

The E-911 communications center at the county is implementing a new 911 tracking grid system in January 2004. Call takers require new maps showing the grid maps to support 911 activities. The Geomatics division was given the responsibility of creating the new map book atlas in the 8-week time period. Generating this atlas with existing techniques and people would have taken over 16 weeks at best to complete the work, and outsourcing to a map book firm was ruled out, as the mapping firm could not meet the timeline constraint. Missing the deadline was not an option because doing so would set back the 911 grid roll-out by 1 year. After brainstorming and discussing different approaches, Geomatics approached MapText, Inc. about its automated text placement products. MapText, Inc. organized an online Label-EZ product information session and demonstrated the feasibility of using their products to meet the deadline.

The MapText, Inc. support staff worked hand in hand with the Geomatics staff in getting the product installed, setting up the rule sets for achieving high-quality placement, implementing the production workflow and training the team members to make best use of the products. Sarasota County Geomatics Geomatics Services is responsible for managing Sarasota County’s GIS and for providing services that include GIS technology management, data maintenance for base GIS layers, data analysis, project management, web development, mapping, and surveying. Online interactive mapping includes: links to the Clerk of the Circuit Court’s plats online, property information lookup, maps, and data downloading.