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KVH to Supply TACNAV Systems for Armoured Vehicle Applications

US: KVH Industries has received a new order for its TACNAV tactical navigation systems for use by an international military customer in an armored vehicle application. The order is valued at more than USD 5.2 million. Shipments for this order are expected to begin in the next six weeks, with all services being completed by the end of September 2014. Programme management, engineering services, and installation support will be provided as part of this order. KVH’s TACNAV military vehicle navigation systems provide unjammable precision navigation, heading, and pointing data for vehicle drivers, crews, and commanders. TACNAV can also serve as a heading and position source for situational awareness. The TACNAV systems ordered today are KVH’s TACNAV Light and TACNAV TLS systems, which feature compact design, continuous heading and pointing data output, and flexible architecture, while also providing extremely accurate dead reckoning navigation regardless of GPS availability.

“KVH’s TACNAV navigation solution is an important tool for US and allied warfighters, providing precision navigation as well as coordination of vehicles in critical situations. The system serves as a crucial resource for navigation and battle management, and even as a backup in GPS-denied environments, keeping soldiers safe and out of harm’s way wherever they travel. This new order reaffirms the value of KVH’s TACNAV products for international militaries, and adds to our backlog for the year,” said Dan Conway, Executive Vice President of KVH’s Guidance and Stabilisation group. TACNAV systems are currently in use by the US Army and Marine Corps, as well as many allied customers including Canada, Sweden, Great Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Egypt, Botswana, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Romania, Poland, Turkey, Malaysia, Switzerland, South Korea, Singapore, Brazil, and Italy.

Source: KVH