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Kuwait municipality launches GNSS-based POI project

Kuwait: In a bid to modernise the process of surveying and aerial photography across Kuwait, Abdullah Emadi, Assistant Director General for Kuwait Municipality for Survey Sector Affairs, unveiled a slew of projects. The projects include launching, operating and maintaining a network of points of interest (POI) nationwide based on GNSS. The KWD (Kuwaiti Dinar) 180,000 projects will be completed in two years.

“Experts and topographers will use the planned POIs and some 13 control stations as reference points for field surveying which will help accelerate the implementation of projects and control information,” pointed out Emadi. “The POIs will be connected to satellites and the interest around the clock and replace more than 300 standing ground stations in Kuwait; they will also replace the GPS-based points of interest, he said.

Source: KUNA