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Kuwait GIS launches spatial Digital Video Recorder

Kuwait, 12 March 2007 – Kuwait GIS, a Kuwait-based GIS consulting services and custom solutions company, has announced the availability of Spatial Digital Video Recorder (sDVR) for the Middle East.

The sDVR is a complete, real-time geospatial MPEG2 video encoding system. It is a dramatic improvement in the way video is recorded, collecting time and location data along with the video, resulting in an information rich data set all on a removable hard drive.

-: What does the sDVR do?
The sDVR is designed for simple operation and reliability in strenuous application environments such as aircraft, land vehicles or water vessels. Some other unique features are:
– Significantly advances spatial video collection capacity – 80 GB drives store up to 20 hours of data.
– Streamlines the conversion of spatial video into a map – no data processing is required
– Capable of recording four simultaneous video sources
– Encodes GPS position along with voice annotation into the video recording
– Each removable hard drive can store up to 20 hours of high quality video

-: What is the value of the sDVR?
– Greatly enhances data collection capability beyond one hour tapes
– Creates geospatial indexes in real time
– Video is automatically associated with the time and location in which it was collected and saved to a map
– Tedious and time consuming post-mission conversion of collected video is completely eliminated
– Data processing has been transformed into a rapid import operation
– Compatible with MediaMapper Video edition or GeoVideo for ArcGIS software
– Decision making time is reduced from days to near real time
– Increase efficiency of data analysis and reduce tome to execute a response

The sDVR is a natural fit into any scenario required to map large volumes of data including aerial patrol of pipelines, power lines, waterways, natural disasters, defense and intelligence reconnaissance missions, highway and rail corridor mapping to name a few.

-: About GeoVideo
GeoVideo, an extension tool for the ArcGIS environment, brings geo-referenced video directly into ESRI’s mapping environment. Before GeoVideo, GIS professionals were limited to remotely-sensed satellite imagery and high altitude photographs. With Red Hen Systems’ GeoVideo, users can now benefit from having ground-truthing motion video right at their fingertips. Using commercial off-the-shelf video cameras and GPS receivers, data collection can be done by vehicle, foot, or aircraft.

GeoVideo provides a complete solution for registering and viewing spatially referenced video within the ArcGIS environment.

To have a look at the product visit Map Middle East (https://www.mapmiddleeast.org) at Booth # 25.