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Kutta Technologies Unveils DO-178 GCS Software

US: Kutta Technologies has unveiled its new Unified Ground Control Station (UGCS) DO-178 based software. The STANAG 4586 Level 5 (LOI-5) Ground Control Station (GCS) meets NATO STANAG and US Department of Defense (DoD) interoperability profiles, and has been designed to the Unmanned Control Segment Working Group (UCS-WG) architecture. The UGCS-178 Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) provides built-in airspace management through a DO-178 qualified tool, auto-routers and open interfaces; so that customers can easily integrate their services into the GCS. "This innovative architecture leverages UCS-WG compliant services to tailor the GCS to an air vehicle's performance envelope through easily modified configuration files, which greatly reduces the certification burden,” said Doug Limbaugh, CEO of Kutta Technologies.

“It was challenging to accomplish this technical achievement in less than a year, but we did it because we firmly believe that a RTCA DO-178C certified GCS is one of the keys to the successful flight of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) in the National Airspace System (NAS),” said Matt Savoca, Kutta's President.

Source: PR newswire