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Kucera International upgrades to UltraCamX

Graz, Austria: Kucera International will upgrade its UltraCamLp digital aerial photogrammetric camera to an UltraCamX system, according to Microsoft’s UltraCam business unit and subsidiary, Vexcel Imaging GmbH.
“In May of this year we needed a new camera system on short notice to complete a project in Poland.  Fortunately, Microsoft was able to quickly provide us with an UltraCam system,” commented John Antalovich, Jr., President of Kucera International. “The UltraCamLp, we had on order at the time would have met our immediate needs exceedingly well and is particularly suitable for simultaneous LiDAR data collection over urban areas, but our long-term plan has always been to operate with two UltraCamX systems. Consequently we ultimately decided in favour of a second UltraCamX in lieu of the UltraCamLp we had ordered.”
Kucera purchased its first UltraCamX in 2010 and saw immediate advantages over film, such as faster turnaround and better image quality. The company was pleased to realise that the UltraCamX allows for data collection under less than optimal conditions with results that still meet project specifications, which greatly expands collection opportunities during periods of poor weather. Also, the UltraCamX is capable of collecting at higher resolution and better accuracy at higher flying altitudes than film systems, so projects can be completed more efficiently. Kucera believes the benefits of flying the UltraCamX include being more cost competitive on large area projects, and the ability to bid on projects that have strict timing requirements without the concern of weather interfering with delivery.  
“The UltraCamX is the most suitable camera system for Kucera due to its large coverage, great versatility, and focal length. Having two identical cameras also simplifies in-flight planning,” stated Nat Phillips, Kucera’s Photogrammetric Acquisition Systems Manager. “The UltraCamX also performs very well with our LiDAR sensor. We can fly LiDAR and digital photography at the same altitude for “equivalent” mapping scale/accuracy data products.”
Source: Microsoft