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Kucera International first in U.S.market to purchase Leica ALS50

Leica Geosystems GIS & Mapping, LLC announced that Kucera International Inc., an aerial mapping and related geomatic services provider, purchased the Leica ALS50 Airborne Laser Scanner. The ALS50 will complement Kucera International’s full-service, worldwide aerial surveying, photogrammetric mapping, engineering and GIS support capability.Kucera International will operate the ALS50 system from their own fleet of twin- and single-engine aircraft based throughout the United States. Kucera maintains system calibration data for the various aircraft bases of operation for pre- and post-mission calibration to ensure data quality.

The ALS50 is a compact, LIDAR-based system designed for the acquisition of topographical and return signal intensity data from numerous airborne platforms. The data is computed using laser range and return signal intensity measurements recorded in-flight, along with position and attitude data derived from airborne GPS and inertial subsystems. Kucera’s twin- and single-engine aircraft allow for flight speeds ranging from 80 to 170 knots, adding further flexibility to the ALS50.