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KSAT, Kongsberg satellite services latest corporate to join Seraphim Space Camp

UK: Kongsberg Satellite Services has partnered with Seraphim Space Camp, (Seraphim Capital’s SpaceTech accelerator,) as the newest corporate partner to support the programme in 2019.

KSAT joins other high-profile corporate partners including Rolls Royce, Inmarsat, AeroVironment, Eutelsat, DSTL and the European Space Agency. The accelerator, now in its second year, provides inside access to the latest innovation within the SpaceTech sector and creates connections with leading global seed stage start-ups working in the sector.

Kongsberg is actively looking to accelerate the development of new, innovative information solutions – especially those in the space domain. With KSAT’s experience in delivering mission success across diverse customer sets with unique requirements and their extensive network of partners, they will be able to contribute to the high quality of the programme and to engage with Seraphim’s extensive pipeline of emerging technologies. As the reality of the space industry is changing fast, it is key for KSAT to share their expertise developed across decades of experience with the New Space entrepreneurs.

As a partner, KSAT will have the ability to develop proofs-of-concept and pilots, with the top 2% of start-ups in the SpaceTech ecosystem and to discover the latest development in defence, aerospace and maritime enabled by space technologies.

Rolf Skatteboe, CEO, President, Kongsberg Satellite Services said, “We like to see ourselves at the frontier of the development in the space industry. Innovation will be one of the most critical success criteria for any future business model. In this respect we are very happy to join the Seraphim Accelerator Space program as an industry advisor and look forward to share our knowledge and work with Seraphim and the Mission participants. The Seraphim Accelerator Space Program represents the future values we believe in.”

Rob Desborough, Director, Seraphim Space Camp said, “With over 50 years of heritage in the Space industry, KSAT is another great partner to join Seraphim Space Camp. With a focus on Innovation and pioneers in global ground stations, they are a very complementary fit with our other partners and the cohort of SpaceTech start-ups.”