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KREON launches scanning arm with integrated scanner

KREON launched its latest Ace Skyline device
KREON launched its latest Ace Skyline device

Belgium: 3D laser scanner manufacturer, KREON has launched its latest Ace Skyline device, which is the first KREON scanning arm in its 25-year history that comes with integrated scanner.

Debuted at Control in Stuttgart, Skyline – given the name for its panoramic view, accuracy and uniformity – is the only scanner on the market to combine a wide blue laser line at 200 mm, a frequency up to 300 lines-per-second and a scanning speed of max. 600,000 points per second. This unique combination means parts can be scanned in record time due to the decreased number of scan passes needed to accurately generate its digital data.

Skyline is capable of capturing the most intricate of details with its high definition camera, 2,000 points laser line and 15 μm accuracy, resulting in a high-resolution point cloud and a more efficient scanning experience. Equipped with a blue laser scanner and integrated probe, this arm can be used for contact and non-contact measurements and captures even shiny or reflective parts with the upmost accuracy.

Designed for ease of use, Ace Skyline features upgraded ergonomics with new transportation and “push and pull” handles making it ideal for use in metrology labs or outside for various reverse engineering and 3D inspection applications.

KREON says the 200 mm laser line width Skyline is just the start and other versions, including different line lengths and accuracies, will be introduced later next year through its worldwide distribution network.

Source: TCT