Kosmosnomki – a universal tool to find and order VHR data

Kosmosnomki – a universal tool to find and order VHR data


Moscow, Russia, 18 December 2007 – It is not the first year when VHR space images have been delivered to the customers. The American IKONOS (0.8 m) and QuickBird (0.6 m) satellites have been operating on orbit since 1999 and 2001 respectively. The Israeli highly detailed imagery program was launched in 2000 along with its pioneer EROS A satellite (1.9 m resolution).

However, until recently there was no resource in the Internet whatsoever, enabling to carry out a search for images through several VHR RS programs simultaneously. Each company-operator offers its own solution in terms of data selection for the ROI, thus causing some discomfort to the end-user.

For the first time a universal tool to search for IKONOS, QuickBird and EROS-А high resolution data became accessible on the ScanEx’s web-site in Russian «Kosmosnomki». A user-friendly interface, setting multiple search parameters (imagery date, seasons, clouds), possibility to view QuickLooks of the found images over the vector map or raster mosaics layer make the VHR data selection simple and easy.

Know-how of the project is in the search for images based on the “best coverage” criteria. This is chance to save time and to find among single-layer satellite coverage the images selected based on the best quality criteria – most updated and cloud-free images.

In addition to the unique search tool, the web-site has also enabled to make new orders: once a user has found the image for the ROI, he can fill in a order form, specifying the preferred image delivery method and his contact information. The order, placed on Kosmosnimki web-site, is forwarded to ScanEx’s sales department to be immediately processed.

ScanEx RDC plans to improve space images selection by adding new databases, auxiliary tools and search parameters. Currently, the search engine operates in test mode and ScanEx invites comments and proposals on Kosmosnimki project blog page.