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Kosmosnimki.Ru introduces hybrid view option

Russia: The geo-portal, Kosmosnimki.Ru introduced the hybrid view option – map layers over satellite-based image. With this advancement, Kosmosnimki.ru can handle three view modes map, images and hybrid. The map overlay is based on the world map and the map of Russia data. An open tool Mapnik was used for rendering (drawing in form of raster images).

A difficult part in creating a hybrid was to select the data to be displayed. That means a hybrid can not display all the number of elements available on a map. For example, the hybrid does not have the polygonal hydrography, however river margins are visible. “In addition, the hybrid colour scheme was selected so that it would rather complement the imagery data than be in conflict with it,” said Marina Voronina, the ScanEx Geoinformation and Web-Technology Department specialist.

Currently the satellite base map of Kosmosnimki.Ru resource is based on the IRS images of 5.8 m resolution and covers the territory of the European part of Russia, as well as the Urals Region. Besides, highly-detailed IKONOS mosaics are available at this portal covering the territory of over 50 towns of Russia and Ukraine.

Source: ScanEx