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Kosmosnimki.Ru geoservice now offers 3D map

Russia: Kosmosnimki.Ru geoservice developers expanded the geoportal functionality that earlier operated in three modes: map, satellite and hybrid. Now, 3D function of the geoservice ensures the possibility to fly over the territory of Russia up to the 60th degree of northern latitude. When viewing the 3D map one may change the elevation angle (camera tilt) in addition to rotations and movements.

The 3D picture, visualising the terrain is obtained when space images are overlaid on the elevation matrix. Data about the height underlaid under the satellite images were collected in the application under the name of Shuttle radar topographic mission (SRTM). The elevation matrix resolution, used by the SRTM digital elevation model is 90 meters.

Addition of the 3D mode into the Kosmosnimki.Ru portal functionality became a new quality solution as compared to the similar Internet-resources.

To view 3D on the Kosmosnimki.Ru service no additional plug-ins or software applications installation is required. In future, this will allow implement the option of viewing in 3D the materials of existing resources, running on GeoMixer technology: thematic geo-services, map and satellite-based data, Рexplains ScanEx’s Web-Mapping Department Head Mikhail Potanin.

Source: ScanEx