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KOREM’S new ASP mapWORKSPACE.com for MapInfo users.

July 10 – KOREM has announced the release of a new version of its popular service mapWORKSPACE.com. This unique ASP service gives access to a complete Web-mapping studio for GEObroadcasting on the Internet. Especially intended for MapInfo users, mapWORKSPACE.com now offers four packages available on a monthly or annual subscription. They offer all the necessary flexibility to perfectly adapt to the needs and the line of business of every customer. This new version has a new look and a more user-friendly and ergonomic interface.

mapWORKSPACE.com is the ideal solution to GEObroadcast information on the Internet, in an Extranet or a corporate Intranet. More flexible than ever, it gives the author the access to all of the necessary functionalities in order to publish, design, manage and broadcast his maps. The ease of deployment of mapWORKSPACE.com is unbeatable
and only takes a few minutes. Furthermore, it requires no implementation nor management of the required infrastructures. They are set and managed by KOREM.

New functionalities
mapWORKSPACE.com’s structure was conceived and organized in order to offer the author more flexibility and the end-users more functionalities (more than 30 buttons). The management console offers three distinct modules allowing a total control over maps and the browser, over tables and their sharing and updates and also the system itself and the access to information:

  • Project module allows managing the content (layers, tables, raster images, etc.), the design (look & feel and the browser functionalities) and the deployment of each cartographic application;
  • Geobase module allows the sharing of tables and MapInfo layers between users in order to optimize the publication and the updates;
  • System module allows to create and manage users who belong to a group (username, password, roles and permissions, …).