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Korea Forest Service to expand use of GIS

South Korea: Korea Forest Service (KFS), a government agency tasked with the responsibility to manage South Korea’s national forests, is considering expanding the GIS service in 2012 to provide forestland information for mobile services through iOS and Android. It aims to strengthen its forest rehabilitation efforts by using GIS technology in their forestland administration.

KFS created the Forest Spatial Data Information (FSDI) portal in 2009, as response to the rising demand for forestland information. Since then, the portal enabled KFS to save KRW 200 million (USD 175,500) and about 12,000 worker hours in 2009.

The portal gave KFS the ability to increase the quality of public services by providing detailed forestland information to 2.1 million forest landowners in the country. It provides detailed information that help users find specific mountains; search maps; and analyse forestland information, land statistics, and attraction information.

KFS applied ArcGIS API for JavaScript with ArcGIS Server caching to enable quick loading of massive amounts of data. The portal also improved the safety and function of data with an enterprise-based ArcGIS Server dispersion structure. This system supports optimum functionality for searching appropriate space structure for data extraction, as well as copying and querying the geodatabase.

According to the agency, the FSDI has enhanced functionality in three ways. It improved service management by reducing the data migration and maintenance burden on human resources by about 30 percent, it maximises data value by enhancing productivity, and lastly, the web service decreases the time required between investigation and permission from 15 days to two hours.

Source: www.futuregov.asia