Korea conducts 3D mapping of its underground facilities

Korea conducts 3D mapping of its underground facilities


Korea: The transport ministry of South Korea has been working for some years on the V-World 3D mapping project. The highly detailed map is created using LiDAR sensors, with high precision. The project is now going underground to map Seoul”s large subway system, with underground location provided with WiFi and magnetic sensor technology.

The indoor mapping project hopes to enable audio directions for individuals with visual impairments so they can better navigate through one of the world”s largest subway systems. The 3D maps will be updated using highly precise laser measurements and video footage.

“We”re now making progress with technology to build a WiFi map as a method to find locations. Furthermore, we are utilising magnetic sensors to map out the exact characteristics of these buildings. We”re also currently developing spatial data to ensure locational accuracy within one meter,” said a Transport Ministry official.

The transport ministry plans to release a pinpoint 3D navigation system for subway interiors and indoor public areas including major airports, via smartphones early next year.

Source: Arirang